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Our latest blog: In an era of change, our approach to return on investment must adapt

By Dominic Will Joint Managing Director

In an era of change, our approach to return on investment must adapt

Fundraisers across the globe are working hard to address the same fundamental questions. Have we got the fundraising model right and what needs to change to ensure fundraising is sustainable for the years ahead?

Clients & our impact

HOME has been around, now, since 2002 and we are chuffed to say that in the 15 years we’ve been in business we’ve worked, and become a key partner of some of the biggest and most well-loved charity organisations in Europe.

We’ve gained a lot of trust in the sector by aiming to always be a safe pair of hands for the reputations of the causes we represent – and we’re pretty skilful, too, in delivering award winning fundraising campaigns with an impressive return on investment.  


We have 1,500 fundraisers out talking to members of the public face-to-face, supported, back at the office, by 170 people with specialist skills and expertise in everything from HR and Client Services to Culture, Training, Communications and Leadership Development.  We believe whole-heartedly in fundraising that is warm, considered, inspiring and intelligent – and we deliver it on a worldwide scale.    

We’re always looking for ways to see if we can improve anything that we do, including how we train and develop people. There are no limits to how far our people can go, some join as fundraisers and develop into Team Leaders, whilst others have become Divisional Managers managing over 400 people. Many of our office staff started off as fresh faced newbies before they got the opportunity to move into other departments in the company.

We think we’ve created a company that people want to work for and with, and we’re pretty sure our people think it too. 

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