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Countdown to IFC Asia 2017 part two – the growth potential of individual givingRyan Valaspali

by Ryan Valaspali, Director of HOME India


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Countdown to IFC Asia 2017 part two – the growth potential of individual giving

As we get closer to IFC Asia 2017, conference speaker and HOME India Managing Director Ryan Valasapali looks at the Indian fundraising market, sharing his thoughts on how growth in that region could be fuelled by tapping into individual giving.  

India's fundraising market is starting to take off, with individual giving showing positive signs of growth. An increasing number of charities are setting up individual giving programmes to raise their own funds, of which face-to-face fundraising plays a part. 

Home India's Managing Director, Ryan Valasapali looks at the future of individual giving as a fundraising method.

Can you tell us about the fundraising marketplace in India?

There's always been a big push towards grants, both international and government grants; corporate funding and targeting high net worth individuals. Given the economic climate of India, and the perception of the country as it shifts to being a developed country, international charities — which traditionally handed out grants — are asking charities in India to start raising their own funds. 

As a result, I think individual giving is going to move forward in the country. A lot of fundraising avenues have opened up, both for agencies and charities. Lately, I've seen a few agencies and charities in India starting to set up their own individual giving fundraising teams and programmes. 

Does this apply to all charities or just the largest fundraising organisations?

It's generally been large organisations that have employed individual giving fundraising methods. But now I think there is a general consensus that all organisations can raise funds from individuals, whether you're a large charity or a small grassroots organisation. We're starting to see smaller organisations making use of peer-to-peer fundraising, events and campaigns.

What is the public's perception of individual giving?

I think that regular giving is a work in progress, it’s a young market but undoubtedly the potential is there. You walk up to a stranger and say the word "fundraiser", and they'll assume you work for a finance company. That's one of the challenges that fundraisers have to overcome.  

India has always been a giving country though, as a lot of people give to churches and temples as part of their religious beliefs. But it's never been about people being asked for money and giving to charities. 

How is this perception changing?

Perceptions are slowly starting to change. Around 65% of the Indian population are below the age of 35, so we have millions of young people who are switched on, digitally connected to the rest of the world and are aware of a lot of issues globally, as well as nationally. 

This can help to shift awareness of charities and individual giving. It provides an opportunity for organisations to raise awareness of good causes and the importance of philanthropy, as well as helping people to connect directly with them.

Ryan recently presented at IWRM 2017. Read Ryan's blog post on why IWRM provides an invaluable platform for knowledge sharing.

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