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#IoFFC 2017: three ‘must see’ sessionsDavid Mbaziira

by David Mbaziira, Head of External Communications


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#IoFFC 2017: three ‘must see’ sessions

July brings with it one of the most prestigious events in the charity sector calendar, the Institute of Fundraising’s Fundraising Convention 2017 in London. It's the biggest fundraising conference in Europe and is a chance to speak to and learn from some of the best minds in the sector.

There will also be a chance to celebrate the achievements from great fundraising, both from organisations and individuals at the IoF National Fundraising Awards, being hosted by Miles Jupp on Monday. HOME is especially looking forward to the evening as we’re proud to be shortlisted for the Most Committed Company to the Sector award. For those not going on the night but keen to hear the results, the ceremony is being shown live on the IoF’s Facebook page.

At HOME we believe it is important to share our learnings with colleagues from different charities, we certainly found this to be the case during our recent sessions at IFCAsia where we spoke about the eight essential principles that underpin successful fundraising.

The IoFFC, which kicks off on Monday 3rd July, is another great chance for all in the fundraising community to share, learn and be inspired with renewed motivation.

There are so many good speakers at Convention - from the provocative Mark Phillips, to the more measured but always insightful Daniel Fluskey. So if you find yourself scanning the delegate brochure or searching the convention app in addition to the two already mentioned here are some other people who are always good value. So in no particular order Beate Sorum, Adrian Sargeant, Graham Darnell, Jillian Stewart, Paul de Gregorio, Kath Abrahams and Laura Croudace.

Now on to three 'must see' sessions.

  • 'Developing self-aware, mindful leaders' with Sarah Carter from Wisdom Fish, Tuesday 4th July at 10:45.

This session will help delegates understand that successful Leaders need to embody the positive behaviours and influences that they want to see throughout the organisation. At HOME we recognise that great leadership is not about stepping ahead of the pack, but about positively influencing and shaping those around you and helping develop their leadership potential.

  • 'Building rituals and initiations into your fundraising culture' with Neil Hope from Wisdom Fish: Wednesday 5th July at 13:00.

Whilst they’re often used as an excuse for a celebration, in traditional societies initiations have much deeper meaning. They introduce people to the values of the community, its myths, traditions, history and legacy. We look forward to hearing from Neil how to successfully build rituals and initiations into fundraising culture.

  • 'Flies round their eyes? How can fundraisers and programme delivery staff both do right by their beneficiaries?' with Ian MacQuillin from Rogare: Wednesday 5th July at 11:45.

Rogare continue to use academic research to ask the big important questions so this should be a very interesting and original session. Here Ian MacQuillin will be presenting some new research conducted by Save the Children that explored beneficiaries' attitudes about how they are portrayed in fundraising materials.

One other session that we would recommend is 'Meet the donor' with Ken Burnett from the Commission on the Donor Experience team on Tuesday 4th July at 16:30. Wednesday 5th July sees the launch of the 'Commission of the Donor Experience', so it will be interesting to hear the findings of the Commission.

Are you attending the IOFFC? Why not tweet us on @HomeD2D and let us know? Don't forget that you can also follow the Convention on #IOFFC or on our twitter feed where we will be talking about the highlights from the sessions we've been to.

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