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Spotlight on ISO 9001Mick Will

by Mick Will, ISO Quality Manager


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Spotlight on ISO 9001

Mick Will, HOME’s ISO Quality Manager, puts the spotlight on ISO 9001.

What is it?

ISO 9001, (known as ‘ISO’ in HOME), is an international standard that lays down the requirements for a company to follow to enable that company to work effectively to produce the best product it can for its clients. HOME has complied and used its guidance since November 2014.

What is HOME’s product?

HOME’s product is a complete and verified commitment by a member of the public to donate a sum of money regularly to a client charitable organisation. It could also be argued that HOME’s product would include the development of inspired and dedicated individuals.

How is ISO 9001 managed in HOME?

I am the ISO Quality Manager, and I represent HOME to an ISO approval body, the British Standards Institution. This organisation audits all of our regional offices once in a three year cycle and audits Head Office every six months.

Are the ISO 9001 requirements straight forward?

All are based on good practice with which any successful company will be familiar. ISO is employed successfully by one–man plumber’s businesses and top level aircraft manufacturers.

Why does HOME wish to use the standard?

We chose to become accredited, (i.e. be accepted as a company that satisfies the requirements of the standard), about six years ago when HOME management realised we could all work better within a framework of basic, common-sense requirements.

Don’t all companies work to their own common-sense requirements?

No. Many companies have little common sense or central purpose as they do not learn from things as they go along. They don’t look at what went wrong, or right, and improve how they work in a consistent manner. People don’t necessarily share knowledge and experience in these companies.

ISO 9001 is a very visible demonstration that HOME cares about the quality of what we produce.

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ISO 9001
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