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As a Home fundraiser, it’s your job to speak to people and ask them to support good causes and make a difference. It sounds simple, but it’s not. That’s why you’ll receive market leading training, delivered by real experts with years of fundraising experience, skills that will help you now and for years to come.

We believe in professional fundraising and want you to view fundraising as a career. So unlike many companies we’re opposed to commission only pay. We’ll pay you a fair hourly rate, with additional performance related incentives and benefits available to you immediately.

Our joint Managing Directors are passionate about developing people, and seeing the potential in every individual. So if you want it, there’re plenty of opportunities for progression and to build your career.

You’ll meet and be working with people from a diverse range of backgrounds with the chance to make new friends and socialise. And to help you do all that, we throw regular staff parties and events where you enjoy yourself and we pick up the bill.

Changing the world isn’t easy, but it is incredibly rewarding and at HOME you get to do it alongside some pretty inspiring people.

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Creative Facilities Client Services Welcome Team
Mystery Shopping & GPS Internal Comms Legal Information & Data HR, Payroll & Finance
External Comms Leadership Fundraising Standards, Policy & Access


The Creative department captures, creates and shapes the look and feel of the whole organisation – imagining what HOME could be and working to make that vision a reality in branding, presentations, poster campaigns, flyers, films and events.

Facilities & IT

The Facilities team support all of our internal departments providing project and cost management across company-wide strategic initiatives. They use their creativity to manage logistics, contracts and our commercial relationships with suppliers across all aspects of the company including property, I.T and telecoms. Our IT Department is responsible for implementing and maintaining our organisation's technology infrastructure and providing IT support to all departments.

Client Services

The Client Services team is responsible for developing strong partnerships with our highly valued charity client portfolio. They're a multi-talented team who lead campaigns across strategy, day to day planning, scheduling and management of client campaigns. Delivering strategic objectives and driving results.

Welcome Team

Studies show that gratitude makes a person happier and healthier, so we relish the opportunity to thank new supporters. Our Welcome Team continue the dialogue begun by our fundraisers and establishes a lasting channel of communication for our charity partners. 

Mystery Shopping & GPS

The Mystery Shopping programme observes our teams across the U.K. and assesses our standards of fundraising and client representation. The safety and well-being of our fundraisers is paramount and the GPS team ensures fundraisers are where they need to be when conducting fundraising campaigns.

Cultural Development

The Cultural Development department is the powerhouse behind our culture – sharing stories, praising and recognising champions, supporting our fundraising management teams to be the best leaders they can possibly be.


HOME legal services leads, develops and implements domestic and international legal policies and practices to support the management team, undertaking a wide range of commercial and regulatory work on behalf of the company.

Information & Data

The Information department progresses and implements information management and security strategy, creating vital clarity, developing associated policies that support the delivery of our vision and corporate strategy. A team grounded in the role of making data useful, safe and easy to handle.

HR, Payroll & Finance

The HR department is central to the flourishing of talent within the company and integral in the shaping of our culture. Creating meaningful and rewarding opportunities, it places our people at the heart of the organisation, protecting our values and working closely with management to implement our unique business model.

The Payroll department is woven into the needs of the regional management of HOME dedicated to ensuring an excellent, personal and responsive service regarding our reward systems.

The Finance Department delivers insightful financial information and responsible controls for the organisation. Conscious of the unique nature of our sector, we assist management to create high added value services on time and within budget.

External Comms

The External Communications department is responsible for the development of the communications strategy ensuring that it reflects our strategic vision. They are advocates on behalf of the brand with all external stakeholders and the media across all communications channels and platforms. Their outputs include reports, press releases, policy statements, brochures and brand materials.


The Leadership department is the beating heart and soul of the organisation driving us forward. They produce the thinking and materials to nurture self-aware and mindful leaders across the business. Supporting our people to inspire, motivate and retain their teams and departments to deliver consistent and sustainable results. To find out more click here.


A role in Fundraising Operations is for those who have already demonstrated their ability to lead. They assume responsibility for the culture and performance in our regional offices, confidently inspiring those around them to fulfil their potential, motivating up to 100 fundraisers and team leaders to deliver consistent fundraising performance in the field.

Standards, Policy & Access

The Standards, Policy and Access team help ensure our fundraisers are ambassadors for the charities that we represent. We work with and speak directly to external stakeholders like regulators, policy makers and our clients to ensure our fundraising approach is both protected and sets the standard for best practice across the sector.

Working at HOME

Want to know what life's really like working here? Take a look at what some of our people say:

A beginner’s guide to fundraising, by Jack Johnson

Jack JohnsonPeople often say to me ‘I could never do your job’. To be honest, I can understand why – until you start doing it.

Before I joined HOME I’d never really thought about fundraising. I’d only ever had one fundraiser knock on my door. I was, of course, very nice to them but, admittedly, I didn’t sign up.

I’d recently decided to leave university. It wasn’t for me. I needed a job that paid weekly and started immediately. I’d got a little sales experience. I’m quite a people person. Fundraising with HOME seemed like the perfect solution.

Let’s be clear. This isn’t an easy job. I’m not the most physically fit so the walking took some getting used to. The weather can be wet. People you talk to will often say no to signing up. The hours aren’t the usual 9-5. And you’ll inevitably develop an overwhelming desire for energy drinks.

But it’s all worth it.

It gives you incredible experience: sales, pitching, charity knowledge and presentation, people skills, team leading skills where you’re responsible for the management and development of other people. And HOME is a great place to work your way up in. There are all sorts of opportunities. I love the late starts as I’m not really a morning person. And if you’re a student you can work it around your studies.

But beyond the work experience, the training and the skills development, this job is an incredible life experience.

The people you’ll work with here are some of the best in any profession anywhere – people of all ages and backgrounds. They’ll teach you the ropes, cheer you up when you’re feeling a bit demotivated. You can make friends here like you just wouldn’t anywhere else because of the nature of what we do. You’re all in it together. And beyond that, there’s a wide range of people to meet on the doors. Just recently, while fundraising for the British Heart Foundation, I met one of the people who had worked on the research I was talking about. Another day I met people who had the first pig imported from Canada to the UK living in their house. I’ve been offered replacement socks after a few hours in the rain. I’ve held a 2 week old puppy.

For those people who wonder whether they’re the kind of person who can do this job, my only advice is this: the only way you can reap the rewards of this job is to throw your all into it. Work hard, learn from those around you, be willing to put yourself out there and this will be more than just a job. And for those of you out there who are softies like me, you’ll also be helping to make the world a better place.

HOME is where the heart is, by Rosilee Bayliff

Rosilee BayliffI began my career in fundraising in 2004, working as a face-to-face fundraiser on behalf of Shelter. It was one of the most difficult yet rewarding jobs I’ve ever undertaken. I was then lucky enough to be given the opportunity to work in the Head Office as a Quality Control caller, tasked with contacting newly recruited supporters and thanking them for their generous decision to donate. This allowed me to see the journey a supporter goes through, from their interaction with the fundraiser, to the follow up by phone.

My understanding of what supporters need was deepened when I became responsible for a role that I still maintain to this day, answering the company’s main line – the Feedback Line. This has enabled me to share the individual triumphs of fundraisers, communicated by supporters taking the time to call and leave their kind praise. I’ve also cried with supporters directly affected by the causes that we fundraise for, notably a daughter of an elderly supporter visited by one of our fundraisers. This woman had moved overseas and her mother had recently passed away, leaving her father struggling with his loss and contemplating a very desperate act. The fundraiser even though she was fundraising on behalf of a humanitarian aid charity at the time, used her knowledge gained from fundraising on behalf of Macmillan Cancer Support, to provide her father with their contact details outlining the support services that they could provide. His daughter called to convey how much she was indebted to us for this act of kindness from the fundraiser, and I can assure you there was not a dry eye in the office. Moments like this and numerous others remind me of why what I do matters and the importance of listening and being at the other end of a phone line.

When I’m asked to describe HOME, I say we’re like a big maturing tree; cut us in half and count our rings. You’ll find at the core, our fundraisers. Moving outwards from here you will find passionate, hard-working, dedicated regional management teams, consisting of Fundraising Managers, Deputies, Recruiters and Administrators, all enabling our fundraisers to grow and learn, safe in the knowledge that they have an amazing support network behind them. A few more rings outwards, you will find Client Services, Information and Data, Welcome Team, External Communications and Legal departments, without whom we simply could not undertake the mammoth commitment of providing happy, informed, quality supporters for our charity partners.

It continues to be a pleasure to work with so many inspirational people and play my part in making a difference to so many people’s lives. During my time here I have grown, becoming more compassionate, patient and diligent. I feel blessed to have been given the opportunities I’ve had, with HOME very much at the heart of this.

ISO 9001
Institute of Fundraising Corporate Supporter 2016
Institute of Fundraising Compliance

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