HOME is human

This idea reflects everything that we are, that we do, that we feel.
It recognises that HOME is made up of individual human beings – and is reflected in our philosophy:

  • To make a difference
  • Be successful
  • Grow as people

To make a difference, be successful and grow as people.

Growing and developing people

At HOME our Fundraising Managers know just about everything there is to know about how to develop excellent fundraisers. It’s what we do every day.

But our real expertise lies in nurturing and developing people to be leaders. That’s how we’re able to consistently motivate hundreds of teams to recruit thousands of donors year after year for some of our best loved charities.

Growing and developing people

Self-development & leadership

Self-development & leadership

Self-development & leadership model

At the heart of HOME’s success is a unique self-development and leadership model created by Joint Managing Director, Neil Hope.

A qualified transpersonal psychotherapist and expert practitioner in mindfulness and meditation, Neil was one of the earliest practitioners in face to face fundraising.

Neil’s early years as a Buddhist monk encouraged him to consider the effect that individuals can have on the tone and outcome of the groups that they lead. These experiences and the thinking that he has developed over the last 25 years have resulted in the creation of a self-development and leadership model that is fundamental to all of HOME’s training and development.

Our leadership style

For us at HOME, the answer doesn’t lie in hierarchical leadership where instructions are dictated from on high.

We’re more into circles than we are triangles.

The unique self-development and leadership model developed by Neil encourages leadership from the centre rather than the top; it’s a model that borrows the term Unifying Centre from the world of psychotherapy where the therapist is seen as a Unifying Centre for their client. Not that we expect our managers to be therapists or indeed for their team members to be in crisis; far from it. But we do ask our managers to be the stable, reliable centre of the group – the Unifying Centre - where their ripple effect is felt throughout the circle. The Unifying Centre guides the group. It’s where people look to for the desirable habits, behaviours, attitudes, values and thinking. It sets the tone for the group.


Mindfulness is a real buzz word at the moment. But it’s been around a while; it’s an ancient practice. Mindfulness helps us to bring more of ourselves into the present moment; to slow our minds down a bit. It enables us to come from a deeper, more mature place. It helps us be more focused, less irrational. It calms us down. Gives us space to breathe.

And, of course, the more we practice it, the more mindful we become. We change the outcomes for the better.

And so we can appreciate why it might be a useful practice for our fundraising conversations, for those of us in leadership roles and, let’s face it, for our lives generally. It’s central to what we look for in our leaders at HOME, where we provide a number of training tools and exercises to practice and develop mindfulness.

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