The benefits of face to face

The way in which we communicate has changed hugely over the past few years as we adapt to an increasingly digital world. The advantages are numerous. But at what cost?

Our relationships are changing, interactions are becoming more remote and less personal. And, within this space, honest, genuine face to face conversation has never been more important.

Engaging with supporters on a face to face basis enables organisations not only to interact on an individual level, but to deepen and develop relationships with potential supporters of all ages and demographics. What’s more, every conversation is an opportunity to build understanding of the charity’s work and gain vital feedback from the public, informing future campaigns.

Face to face fundraising enables organisations to engage with socially minded individuals who are willing to provide long term support for their work.

Working to connect organisations with individuals that care about the cause, we aim to provide positive, unique and memorable discussions; those that can’t be deleted, ignored or filed away unopened. And we want to enable people to experience the power of giving. In doing so, we’re able to galvanise huge numbers of supporters and their collective impact can be truly transformational for the charities and other organisations we work with.

This is why we believe that face to face fundraising should be at the forefront of any fundraising and supporter engagement strategy.


Here at HOME, we specialise in raising money for charitable causes, working with a variety of organisations, large and small. Our focus is on creating positive, inspirational and genuine interactions with supporters, securing vital funding and building the foundations for long-term, sustainable supporter relationships with potential.

Working closely with our charity and third sector partners, we’ve established a global reputation as experts in the field, with an approach unlike any other in the world. We’re the only large scale face-to-face company that directly employs our fundraisers, ensuring full accountability for all of our people. This approach, supported by a highly sophisticated management model and 16 years of fundraising expertise, has recruited 1.8 million regular giving donors and raised around £750 million pounds to date.

As fundraisers, we know that the vast majority of charitable giving happens in direct response to an ask for support. Our role is to encourage people to sit up and take notice of the vital causes we work with, to make the case for donating and to build genuine engagement so that the charity remains front of mind for the foreseeable future.

With the recent implementation of GDPR, face to-face encounters are likely to become even more important for recruiting supporters and gathering feedback, and to secure crucial consent for future contact.
We inspire supporters and create long-term relationships with potential.
We inspire supporters and create long-term relationships with potential.

Our services

While face to face campaigns remain the most effective way of recruiting committed and long-term supporters, we recognise the potential to diversify and enhance the encounter in line with supporters’ interests.

We constantly seek to improve and refine what we do, developing the fundraising services we offer in line with the changing marketplace. We know that every conversation or interaction with a supporter or potential supporter has multiple opportunities in terms of donations and a range of other activities. And while regular giving is still hugely important, it’s not always right for every supporter. As such, we are looking at ways to offer greater flexibility for supporters when it comes to how they donate or engage with charities in line with our clients’ goals for each campaign. We believe this approach is critical for today’s fundraising environment.

Each of our campaigns are tailor-made around clients’ needs. We work closely with them to identify their fundraising and/or supporter engagement goals, exploring how best to communicate their needs so we can identify the best way of achieving those goals.

So where else could those conversations lead? A face to face conversation could be the ideal setting to provide more information about charities' services, carry out surveys on their behalf, or finding out more about potential supporter’s motivations to donate to inform future fundraising activity.

Our services

Accountability and Diversity: Our infrastructure

At HOME, our people are the central foundation of our business. We believe that if we look after those that work for us and invest in development and leadership opportunities, not only will they enjoy their role, but deliver exceptional results for all our clients. This approach and attitude underpins everything we do, and is reflected in our company philosophy.

Core to our success as a company is a belief in nurturing, developing and rewarding talent. We have directly employed, developed and trained over 20,000 fundraisers since 2002.

Talented people from diverse backgrounds have gained valuable communication skills and been nurtured to be the leaders of tomorrow. Many of them have developed and progressed within HOME, others are now in leadership roles within charities and beyond.

HOME is an inclusive employer with a diverse workforce: our senior management team has a 50:50 gender split and 70% of our board is female. We are also vocal supporters of the Institute of Fundraising’s Diversity Panel initiative and co-funders of the first ever Diversity Access Fund, which enables a more diverse range of fundraisers to attend the IoF’s National Fundraising Convention.

Over the last 16 years we have grown and evolved, but our desire to be the best organisation to support charitable fundraising remains.

Accountability and Diversity: Our infrastructure

Best practice

Whether we deliver large national campaigns or small tailored regional or event-based activity, we do not compromise on our principles. Our approach to best practice means that it’s not just the responsibility of one department. There’s a deep commitment across the whole organisation to doing the job well - which means it goes beyond fundraising operations, into the heart of each and every department that supports our frontline activity.

The British Standards Institute (BSI) is the business standards company that helps organisations make excellence a habit, they are committed to embedding excellence into the way people and products work. After being accredited to ISO 9001: 2008 since 2014, in October 2017, HOME was awarded the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System accreditation by the BSI for the recruitment of regular donors on the doorstep.

BSI accreditation lasts for three years and HOME has committed to being audited regularly during this time. All departments within HOME are open to audit, at least once in the three year cycle.

HOME is a member of the Fundraising Regulator and an accredited member of the Institute of Fundraising’s Compliance Directorate. Our Joint Managing Director Dominic Will is a Trustee of the IoF.

We believe in strong partnerships whereby the organisations we’re working with buy into, support and trust the evolving culture we’ve created at HOME.
The British Standards Institute (BSI) is the business standards company that helps organisations make excellence a habit, they are committed to embedding excellence into the way people and products work.

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